Bucket elevators

Belt Bucket Elevators

Belt bucket elevator is also known as TD type bucket elevator . It is mainly designed to service a wide variety of bulk material conveying applications.



Ring Chain Bucket Elevators  

Ring chain bucket elevator is typically designed for a variety of applications wherever conveying and storing of bulk materials is required.



Plate Chain Bucket Elevators

Plate chain bucket elevator is also known as TB bucket elevator. It is one kind of vertical lifting machine widely used for fertilizer, potash and salt, cement, sand or gravel, among other materials. 



Cement Bucket Elevators

Cement bucket elevator is also called NE bucket elevator. It can elevate a variety of bulk materials from light to heavy and from fine to large lumps.



High Efficient Bucket Elevators

High efficient bucket elevator is also called TDG bucket elevator. It uses rubber conveyor belt with general or heat-resisting rubber belt.



Silo Bucket Elevators

TZD silo bucket elevator is the exclusive  use of silo bucket elevator, so it is very suitable for lifting smaller size materials.


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